Thursday, 10 May 2012

Build a twig fence

During a visit to Canada Blooms, we saw a twig wall at one of the displays.  We liked the look and the fact that it provides great habitat for birds and bugs.  We thought we would try to build one to help cover the plain concrete wall of our neighbour’s garage.  The only tricky part of building it was finding enough appropriately sized twigs and poles. Misha, always on the lookout for found items, spotted some tall cedar trunks in the yard of a neighbour who was more than happy to part with them.  We used a simple stack construction with the twigs from our apple tree pruning to build the wall.  We plan to grow some vines on it to make it a green wall.  We love the rustic feel of it and it is my favourite lounging spot in the garden. Posted by Mia.


After - Twig fence ready


  1. Great natural fence... and somebody made a matching chair, how lucky was that

  2. love it. Do you think that would work as a fence between properties? If you don't really need anything sturdy, just a bit of privacy.

    1. Hi. Yes I think it could work. You could use a stack design like we did but for a cleaner look you may want to make a woven version. I will be posting a "how to" of the twig fence/wall shortly and will include the woven version. I just used a hand post hole digger to dig the holes and it is holding up well. You will need a lot of branches depending on the length of the fence but that should be your only limitation. Have fun building it! Misha

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  4. Thanks very much for the comment. We will be posting soon an update on the fence.

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