Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Getting started

We bought our house a year ago and were very excited to begin the renovation immediately. We have no experience with renovations but we know our priorities; green, healthy, sustainable living choices. We are researching a lot to find alternatives to mainstream, toxic renovation products. This is our house when we purchased it.  It is a solid, well-built house in need of a major interior remodelling and updating, as you can see.

Before-Bedroom 1
Before-Master Bedroom
Before-Upper Bathroom

To kick off the reno projects, Misha organized a “Barn Raising Day” by inviting our friends and family to check out our new house and help with the demolition and removal of the 80s d├ęcor. With the help of our friends, we removed the old aluminium awnings, the wood panelling, old floor to ceiling mirrors, wallpaper, built in cabinets …and the list goes on. It was a great day and the help was very much appreciated. Our adventure with healthy home renovation had officially begun! 

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