Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Subway tiles

We knew right from the start that we wanted to have white subway tiles for the backsplash. I came across a few examples of kitchens online featuring handmade subway tiles and I loved them. I find them more interesting than the perfectly shaped subway tiles sold at big box stores. They have more personality and look more natural with their slight imperfections.

We found some handmade subway tiles at a local tile store. We got so excited about finding them that we purchased the tiles right away. The big suprise came when we brought them home and realized that the cool white colour of the tiles just didn't work well with the warm white of our cabinets. We were a bit disappointed as we really liked them but had to return them with a heavy heart.

The tile on the right is the hand made subway tile that we returned. The middle tile is from Home Depot and the one on the left is from Lowe's.
We brought home a sample subway tile from Lowe's but found it to be too stark white. We ended up buying subway tiles from Home Depot that were a warmer white and matched our cabinets and window casing better. We also liked that Home Depot sells a matching bullnose with the subway tiles to finish off the edges in our backsplash.

Home Depot subway tiles and the matching bullnose.

In the end, it all worked out well and we we are happy with the tiles. The colour reminds me of a vanilla milkshake; I like that :)


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