Monday, 28 May 2012

The black and white ruffled skirt

To be more sustainable, I made myself a goal of not buying any new clothes this year. Instead, I will try to remake clothes that I already have but don’t wear. Some of the dresses I have are too big, others too short, some I just never liked and others I just got too tired of. I bet some of you can relate to this. I love shopping at thrift stores and often come home with great skirts and dresses that need just a BIT of adjusting. My challenge is to find the time and motivation to do so.

I looked through my closet full of sewing projects-in-waiting and decided to start with the one that seemed the easiest and could provide immediate gratification. During one of my bargain hunting trips I picked up this great, 100% cotton, black and white ruffled skirt for $2.

The skirt was in great condition and I liked the black and white contrast and the lace detail on it. There was only one issue with the skirt; it was size 14, which was a bit too large for me. Adjusting  it to my size was not complicated; I just opened up the waist and took out the elastic.

I love drawstring skirts for summer, so I decided not to use another elastic but go for a string that can be tied on the side. I picked a yellow ribbon, instead of a simple string, to add a bit of colour and soften up the black and white contrast. I pulled the ribbon into the waist opening with the help of a safety pin. I might even alternate between red and yellow ribbons, just for fun. Voila, here is my new summer skirt.

I feel great about finishing up my first sewing project of the season. It took me about 45 minutes to do with all the planning. I know for sure that I will get great use out of this skirt.


  1. Looks great! I need to do something similar with a skirt whose elastic has completely died.

    What are your favourite thrift stores?

  2. Thanks! I love going to Goodwill, Friday Fever's were my favourite days. 50% off everything. Misha used to make fun of me that it sounds like an awesome party :)