Sunday, 13 May 2012

Apple tree pruning

We were fortunate to inherit a garden with two fully grown apple trees. In early March, prior to taking possession of the house, we received permission to prune the 48 year old summer apple tree and the much younger fall apple tree.  My paternal grandfather had been a fruit grower as one of his many vocations.  He always had fruit trees at his home and even grafted different varieties on one tree.  With this genetic heritage, casual exposure in my youth and extensive internet search I was ready to tackle the pruning project.  There was much discussion throughout the process as to what and how much to prune; I wanting to prune more and Mia wanting to prune less.  I kept quoting an outspoken English gardening guru on a u-tube video who said, “You should be able to throw your hat through the tree when you are done!”   I kept throwing my hat through the tree to convince Mia we needed to prune more.  She was not impressed.  Our first pruning experience was great and we ended up harvesting enough apples to store for a few months. There is nothing like a fresh, organic backyard apple on a hot summer day. 
By Misha

Before- Apple tree in need of pruning

After - Pruned tree ready for spring

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