Friday, 11 May 2012


This year we decided to start our seeds indoors and grow our own seedlings.   It saved us money and allowed us to choose the heritage varieties we wanted.  Misha worked hard on saving a lot of seeds from our garden plants from last year which we supplemented with heritage/organic varieties from local gardening stores this year. In mid-March we started planting our seeds indoors and soon had bean, onion, chive, tomato, squash, cucumber and herb seedlings growing. These were moved out to the glassed-in mudroom in April and will be ready to be planted outside in mid-May.  We just need to find the time to do it.
The process was fairly easy and didn’t require any major skills. The one thing to watch out for is placing the seedlings in a well lit space. Some of ours seedlings were placed too low below a window which resulted in the seedlings being stretched out to the point where they couldn’t hold up any longer. Next year we will definitely pay more attention to this. Live and learn! By Mia

Sprouting beans

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