Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Eco paint

Choosing the type of paint to use on the walls and doors was a big decision for us. We wanted to go with the most natural paint possible. I was open to using 100% natural milk paint on the walls but Misha was a bit hesitant about the application. We may try milk or clay paint in our basement once we renovate it, so stay tuned. At the end we decided to use a 0% VOC paint manufactured by a small, local paint company called Homestead House. The price is higher than regular paints but you will get a great “green” product, a high quality finish, great coverage and  exceptionally friendly service. I love going to this paint store just to experience the slow, old-fashioned style of doing business and to chat with the owners. The paint is easy to apply, and has only a slight odour that dissipates in a day. I am very sensitive to paint fumes, but can tolerate this paint well after couple of days.  

We chose two different shades of white for our walls – Raw Silk and Champlain.  We used a semi-gloss Birch White for the trim, baseboards and doors. We are very happy with the paint and will use it again for our kitchen walls and cabinets. Mia

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