Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Kitchen cabinets: IKEA or custom?

Our windows will be arriving soon, and we need to make a decision about where to buy our kitchen cabinets. We have spent several months fine tuning our kitchen layout with the help of IKEA’s great online planning tool. Highly recommend to everyone! We are finally done with the plan and happy with it. Here is the design:

IKEA cabinets would really work for us. They are durable, easy to assemble, very affordable and we love the style. The only major issue is that the particle board used for the cabinets contain added formaldehyde. There is a ton of information online about the toxic effect of added formaldehyde on health. While IKEA claims to adhere to European standards they still use particle board that contains added formaldehyde. Once you are aware of this information it is hard to just ignore it.

The alternative to IKEA cabinets is to buy used on-line or to go custom.  It is challenging to find used cabinets to match our space and custom cabinets would cost 2 or 3 times as much as IKEA cabinets.  We have been looking for a cabinet maker that would use no formaldehyde-added plywood, 0 VOC glue and 0 VOC paint. We contacted a cabinet maker in Guelph and will be meeting with him this weekend. Can’t deny that money is a major issue in this decision but so is a healthy environment. Hopefully, a face-to-face meeting will make it easier for us to decide.


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