Friday, 11 May 2012


Very soon, we are going to be ripping up our old linoleum kitchen floor and taking down ceiling tiles in our basement. Before we do this, we want to make sure that there is no asbestos present. We had three asbestos removal companies come out to inspect them and give us a quote for testing and removal. We found that they were not very helpful as they each gave us a different story: 1. “There probably is asbestos”, 2. “I’ve never seen tiles like these containing asbestos”, 3. “I don’t know and maybe you should get it tested”.  We realized that unless we sent the samplings into a lab, we couldn’t be 100% sure about what we are dealing with. Mia researched online for an independent testing laboratory and we chose Paracel Laboratories in Mississauga.  We sent in a linoleum kitchen floor sample and a basement ceiling tile sample. It cost us $100 but the result was e-mailed to us within a few days. We were relieved to learn that there is no asbestos in our kitchen floor or in the basement ceiling tiles. We can move on with our kitchen reno planning.  

By Misha


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