Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Christmas Day treat for the birds

We had a couple of apples sitting on our kitchen counter for a few weeks.They were getting old and wrinkly and I was wondering what to do with them. I read an article in my favourite country magazine about making a winter treat for birds from leftover fruit.

I got really excited about the idea and snuck down at 6:30am on Christmas Day to check online whether birds in our region eat apples. Apparently, they do. To make the feast even more festive I decided to use up some leftover cranberries.

I cut the apples in half and removed the seeds; I read that they might not be that good for birds.

I hung the apples on a jute rope and tied a spruce sprig on the bottom to keep them from sliding off.

I strung the cranberries to create a garland.

With Misha's help we tied the treats to our apple tree in our back yard. The tree is the birds' favourite stopover before landing on our bird feeder. 

Hopefully, the birds will enjoy this little Christmas Day treat.


Sunday, 23 December 2012

Natural Christmas tree ornaments

In a week, we went from decorating our tree with lights and ornaments from a big box store, to returning them all and making our own natural decorations.

We originally bought lights and glass ornaments from a local store. We strung the lights but once we plugged them in we found them too harsh and bright.

Misha happily agreed to take the lights off as he had been grumbling about bringing more plastic into the house. We removed the Christmas lights and finished decorating the tree.

The next day, as I was looking at our decorated tree, I thought it would be fun to make our own natural ornaments like in the old days. We could use pine cones, walnuts, oranges and cranberries. I showed Misha a couple of pictures of what I meant and he jumped right at it.

We returned all the store bought ornaments and got ready to make our own. We sliced and dried oranges, tangerines, lemons, limes and grapefruits ...

 ...strung up fresh cranberries...

...glued ribbons to walnuts and pine cones...

... and made a star from twigs, jute and ribbon.

Our kitchen was like an old fashioned ornament factory. The delicious aroma of the drying oranges mingled with the scent of the balsam tree and a beeswax candle to fill the house with a festive feeling of comfort and joy.

We hung the ornaments on the tree and  placed the home made twig star on top. The tree came alive with natural textures, colours and aromas. We love how all the ornaments are plant based and can be composted or used to feed our backyard birds. Now that we know how easy and fun it is to make our own natural ornaments we are already excited about new ideas for next year.

We wish you all a happy and peaceful holiday season!

Mia and Misha

We will post a separate 'how to' for those that are interested in knowing how we made the ornaments.

Natural Christmas tree ornaments

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Festive front door arrangement

Since being shut down by Mia recently from buying greenery for our festive planter I have been on the lookout for free and sustainable materials for holiday decorations. We saved another $25 today by using branches trimmed from the bottom of our Christmas tree to make our front door arrangement.

I persuaded Mia to go for a walk in the nearby ravine and collect some dead materials to decorate the branches.  Armed with an umbrella, camera and clippers we headed into the ravine.

It didn't take us long to find some interesting dried plants. We picked up some dried up burdock.

 ...and some sumac seed heads. Sumac has a beautiful deep red colour and a velvety stem. The seed heads can also be steeped to make a high Vitamin C wilderness lemonade.

We collected some other dried plants and brought them home to add to the branches. Mia used jute and natural burlap ribbon to tie the arrangement together and hang it beside our front door.

All free, all natural, all sustainable front door decoration.  Savings- $25.  Fun putting it together- priceless!


Sunday, 9 December 2012

Christmas tree shopping at IKEA

We picked up our Christmas tree today. It has been a three year tradition for us to get a live tree from IKEA. Their selection is great, the price is right at $20, you get a $20 IKEA coupon and IKEA donates a portion of the sales to Tree Canada. We like the taller ones that go right up to the ceiling in our living room; for us the "taller the better".

Christmas tree selection at IKEA

We were quick this time; it only took us 10 minutes to spot the ONE. It's tall, bushy and smells incredible.

We also picked up two boxes of UNICEF Christmas cards at IKEA. We don't usually buy paper cards but these are made with trees grown with sustainable forest practices and recycled materials. The best part is that the money goes a long way. You can read on the back of the boxes what your contribution gets. On our cards it says that the purchase of these cards can provide Vitamin A doses to 64 kids.

UNICEF Christmas cards from IKEA
We needed to buy a tree stand as well. Misha is in his "let's not buy any plastic" phase so we got this steel tree stand instead of a plastic one from Lowe's. I must admit, it's a bit too red for my taste, but the price was right and Misha threw in the "it's the same one I had as a kid" line, so we just had to get it.

Christmas tree stand from Lowe's

Our tree, tree stand, decorations and cards are all home now. Next weekend it's time to decorate.


Sunday, 2 December 2012

Front porch Christmas decoration

December 1st is our official Christmas decoration start date. We drove by Home Depot to check out their outdoor decorations. Misha got really excited at the sight of the live evergreen Christmas wreaths and was ready to spend $40 on three different ones. I suggested that maybe we should try to make them ourselves instead of spending money on ready made decorations. He accused me of being a Grinch but reluctantly agreed to my idea.  

To get some decoration ideas, I popped into Goodwill on my way home from work. I spotted Rudolph for $3, to which I couldn't say no to, and this amazing clay pot for only $6.
Goodwill finds - Rudolph and a clay pot

They both quickly made it into the official Christmas decoration inventory. The clay pot made its way to the front porch.

Clay pot waiting for the decoration

We picked up fallen branches, collected some dried up garden flowers and arranged them in the pot.

Christmas pot arrangement

We thought maybe a bit of colour would do it good so we added some red Christmas ornaments and a ribbon and voila...... this year's porch decoration is all done.

Front door Christmas decoration all done

Christmas decoration on the porch
Rudolph gets a spot too

Cost for this project was only $8.00; $6.00 for the pot and $2.00 for the ribbon and ornaments.  We will reuse the pot in the spring. The rest of the materials were free, found in our garden or neighbourhood.  For the decoration we used:
  • Fallen pine boughs picked up by Misha in the neighbourhood
  • Apple tree twigs pruned from our tree last spring
  • Pine cones collected from the neighbourhood and our yard
  • Dried up Black-eyed Susan from our backyard
  • Red Christmas ornaments and a red ribbon from the dollar store

We had so much fun making this decoration and love the way it turned out. We keep taking quick peaks at it from our front door.  It creates such a lovely, festive ambiance.