Saturday, 12 May 2012

Trellis making

Our beautiful climbing roses on the side of the house were becoming overgrown with hanging branches and so large we couldn’t walk by them; not great for the roses and also not the sight you want for your new house. We decided to do something about it.

Before - Rose bushes in need of support

While at Home Depot, Misha wanted to buy some ready made trellises and install them right away. I thought that this was an opportunity to make something from scratch and learn in the process.  We decided to pick up some wood and nails and make our own trellises. We created a fan shape for the design and finished the wood off with Tung oil. It took us about two hours to make two of them and we installed them with the aid of our neighbour's power drill (our lightweight B&D drill was not up to the task) and concrete screws. 

Getting ready for installation

In the end, all we needed to do was to weave the rose branches through the trellises. The final look is great. We have received a couple “it looks so professional” compliments from friends.  Can’t deny it, it feels good to make something with your own hands.


After - Trellises up and ready for the roses

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