Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Subway tiles in bathrooms - Here we go again!

Subway tiles are timeless. We used them for our kitchen backsplash and I knew I wanted to use them again in our bathroom. I like to have consistency and a similar look/feel throughout the house. My favourite thing about subway tiles is that there are many accent pieces to choose from: chair rails, shelf rails, flat liners, bull noses, sanitary coves….It takes a while to get familiar with all the names and options but this board at the Tile Store was helpful for us to get started. 

 After a couple of days of consideration and a few visits to the Tile Store we came up with our subway tile order. We purchased Daltile’s Rittenhouse Square 3X6 subway tiles from Home Depot and matching 2X6 bullnose. We will be tiling halfway up the bathroom wall, so we also ordered 2X6 chair rails from the Tile Store to finish off the edges. I love chair rails; they are so charming. 

I also like the look of a baseboard in bathrooms so we picked up the larger 6X6 subway tiles and will top them off with 1/2X6 flat liners to create an illusion of a baseboard. Before our purchase I did a mock up by taping a couple of the subway tiles to the wall. It is still missing the flat liner between the tiles but we got a good idea of how it will look and we like it.


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