Monday, 18 March 2013

Bathtub dilemma – Ping pong table or a soaking tub?

I like deep tubs. I like tubs in which you can just soak yourself comfortably and forget about the world around you. I grew up with a deep tub and I miss having one. The tub we have right now is a 15” one that is 27" wide and I don’t even attempt to take a bath in it.

We only have space for a standard size, 30X60 recessed bathtub. We looked at standard size tubs that are deeper but there are not very many on the market. If they are deeper, they are also wider and we can’t afford to lose any more space.

We are set on getting an enamelled steel tub. A cast iron tub would be nice but we are not prepared to spend the extra money on it at this time. Acrylic tubs are everywhere and come in all shapes and sizes but we are trying to reduce plastic in our house and not add to it, so acrylic tubs are out.

Given our limited space, our tub hunt was quick and easy. We are going with a standard 30X60X15 ¾” enamelled steel bathtub. We like it; it’s simple and durable. We were told that the porcelain finish on it lasts longer than the shine of the acrylic tubs. The bonus is the price; it’s $145 at Lowe's.

Tub of our choice-Cadet American Standard enamelled steel tub from Lowe's

 I am still not giving up on the soaking tub though. I am working on Misha on putting in a second bath in the basement with my dream tub. He resists this as he wants to have space for a ping pong table. Soaking tub vs. ping pong table - the battle is on!  Which one would you vote for?



  1. Find a tub that can be converted to a ping pong table. Anything is possible. LOL.

  2. It's very important that you would agree to one decision or better yet have a ping pong table and a soaking tub at the same time. There are soaking tubs that are not so huge. Just have more patience to search for it or better yet, check it here. :)-