Tuesday, 19 March 2013

How green is our toilet?

We are still undecided about which toilet to get. At times I even question whether we need to replace our toilet at all. I checked the date it was made and it is only 2 years old. You can find the date imprinted on the inside of the tank near the top. It works well and we haven't had any clogs. The only good reason for us to replace it would be if it uses too much water. It's snowing outside, so why not spend my time getting to know my toilet better and finding out how much water it uses.

All I need to gather is a marker and a large size bottle. I find one of Misha' empty sparkling water bottles; it's perfect for my experiment.

I remove the top of the toilet tank and prepare to mark the water level. I see a line there already so no need to mark it. So far so good.

I turn the water off...

...and flush the toilet.

This is the fun part. I start filling up the tank with water. The 1 littre bottle I am using is perfect as it makes counting much easier. Not even the kittens standing up on the toilet rim can confuse me.

I am amazed to find out that our toilet uses 8 litres of water per flush. All the models sold in the stores use 6 litres or less. Done! We are replacing our toilet for sure. I like the idea of using less water per flush. 


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