Sunday, 10 March 2013

Apple tree pruning - The official start of our garden work

Pruning our apple trees is our first official gardening day of the season.  Last year I did it myself, but this year Mia insisted on helping. She felt I had been too extreme and not provided her enough shade to lay under the apple tree. I did most of the lopping with the shears and Mia followed up by trimming the smaller twigs with the secateurs.  We're getting better at this; it took us half the time this year; only 2 hours for both trees.  Looking forward to lots of delicious apples this year.

Pruning our 50 year old summer apple tree
This is my yearly ritual; throwing my hat through the Granny Smith tree.  When I first researched how to prune an apple tree I found a video of a crazy English farmer that said you should be able to throw your hat through the tree once you are finished.  Mission accomplished!

Granny Smith apple tree pruned in bowl style and the hat goes through!

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