Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Door knobs - From brass to black

While the movie scene was buzzing with the Oscar ceremony I was happily replacing our door knobs.  I wasn’t even thinking that I was missing out on anything. It occurred to me that I might be a bit renovation obsessed. When I asked Misha what he thought, he said “no, you are just passionate”. I love how supportive he is.

This is what our original door knobs looked like. They must have been as old as our house.  They were worn, tarnished and ready to be replaced.

BEFORE - Our old door knobs
We considered all options for the new knobs; brass, antique brass, silver, black, crystal, ceramic and oil-rubbed bronze. We landed on a black finish given that our kitchen cabinet handles are black and it would work well for our space. We decided to splurge a bit and picked up the pricier Weiser Troy door knobs with iron black finish from Lowe’s. They had more detail than other less expensive knobs and we liked their more delicate look.

The new door knobs came with detailed instructions and the installation went smoothly other than a couple small challenges.  A few of our knobs had hidden screws and we had to research online how to remove them. We also had to run to Lowe’s to pick up a door installation kit as some of our door knob holes were too small and we had to enlarge them. This was the end result.

AFTER - Our new Weiser Troy door knobs

This was one of the most fun projects we did. It was quick, easy and came with a great pay off. Our doors got instantly transformed from an outdated 60s look to a modern-country feel. We love how a simple thing like a door knob just finishes off the whole look and feel of our house.


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