Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Valentine Seed Hearts

I learned about seed bombs on David Suzuki's Queen of Green site. They are little seed balls made from clay, compost and seeds that can be tossed anywhere you would like flowers to blossom. There is no need to plant or water. They contain everything inside the ball to give them life as soon as rain and sunlight reach them. 

The Valentine version of them looked so appealing that I had to give them a try. We picked up Air-Dry Clay, compost and a heart shaped cookie cutter. Misha got the wild flower seeds and the beets for the red colouring.

Seed Heart ingredients

We mixed the seeds with the compost.

We added the soil/seed mixture to the clay mix at 5:2:1 (clay/soil/seed) ratio. Misha mashed it by hand until it was an even consistency.

We flattened the clay out on a wax paper just like you would when making a thick pizza crust.

We cut the hearts out with the cookie cutter.

The most fun part was glazing the hearts with the beat juice. We simmered two chopped up beats until we got a beautiful deep red coloured liquid. The glazing was the perfect topping for the hearts. Once glazed we just let them sit for 48 hours to air dry.

Here they are, our Valentine Seed Hearts. They are ready to be given away and blossom into beautiful wild flowers in the spring.

Valentine Seed Hearts

The best part is that you can give them away for any occasion, at any time of the year. As soon as the weather permits, they can be tossed in the garden and watch for flowers to grow. We will keep one for our garden just to see how they turn out.



  1. this is such an awesome idea! Definitely trying in the future! Thanks for sharing; They are so beautiful!

    1. Thanks Deanna. I will bring one up for you, Ben and Miko when we come up for Winterstock.

  2. beautiful idea, beautifully presented. fun! thanks

  3. Thanks, Jonathon. Do you have a spot for one?