Monday, 18 February 2013

Bathroom renovation - The beginning

Our kitchen is done and the next project on our list is renovating our bathroom. Our bathroom dates back to the 60s, with a particle board vanity made by the previous owner and 2 layers of linoleum flooring. When we moved in two years ago, we stripped off the wallpaper, repainted the walls and removed some cabinetry. It wasn't a top priority at the time but now we feel it's time for a new look. The bathtub faucets are also not working well and we are concerned about the water wastage due to the leaking taps.

The space is tiny and we discovered that the 60" x 27" tub we have is not in production anymore and we can only get a 60" x 30" tub. The new tub will take up more room in our small bathroom so we will really have to be creative in fitting everything in and still making it look good. We are up for the challenge, though. Wish us luck!


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