Sunday, 2 December 2012

Front porch Christmas decoration

December 1st is our official Christmas decoration start date. We drove by Home Depot to check out their outdoor decorations. Misha got really excited at the sight of the live evergreen Christmas wreaths and was ready to spend $40 on three different ones. I suggested that maybe we should try to make them ourselves instead of spending money on ready made decorations. He accused me of being a Grinch but reluctantly agreed to my idea.  

To get some decoration ideas, I popped into Goodwill on my way home from work. I spotted Rudolph for $3, to which I couldn't say no to, and this amazing clay pot for only $6.
Goodwill finds - Rudolph and a clay pot

They both quickly made it into the official Christmas decoration inventory. The clay pot made its way to the front porch.

Clay pot waiting for the decoration

We picked up fallen branches, collected some dried up garden flowers and arranged them in the pot.

Christmas pot arrangement

We thought maybe a bit of colour would do it good so we added some red Christmas ornaments and a ribbon and voila...... this year's porch decoration is all done.

Front door Christmas decoration all done

Christmas decoration on the porch
Rudolph gets a spot too

Cost for this project was only $8.00; $6.00 for the pot and $2.00 for the ribbon and ornaments.  We will reuse the pot in the spring. The rest of the materials were free, found in our garden or neighbourhood.  For the decoration we used:
  • Fallen pine boughs picked up by Misha in the neighbourhood
  • Apple tree twigs pruned from our tree last spring
  • Pine cones collected from the neighbourhood and our yard
  • Dried up Black-eyed Susan from our backyard
  • Red Christmas ornaments and a red ribbon from the dollar store

We had so much fun making this decoration and love the way it turned out. We keep taking quick peaks at it from our front door.  It creates such a lovely, festive ambiance.


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