Sunday, 9 December 2012

Christmas tree shopping at IKEA

We picked up our Christmas tree today. It has been a three year tradition for us to get a live tree from IKEA. Their selection is great, the price is right at $20, you get a $20 IKEA coupon and IKEA donates a portion of the sales to Tree Canada. We like the taller ones that go right up to the ceiling in our living room; for us the "taller the better".

Christmas tree selection at IKEA

We were quick this time; it only took us 10 minutes to spot the ONE. It's tall, bushy and smells incredible.

We also picked up two boxes of UNICEF Christmas cards at IKEA. We don't usually buy paper cards but these are made with trees grown with sustainable forest practices and recycled materials. The best part is that the money goes a long way. You can read on the back of the boxes what your contribution gets. On our cards it says that the purchase of these cards can provide Vitamin A doses to 64 kids.

UNICEF Christmas cards from IKEA
We needed to buy a tree stand as well. Misha is in his "let's not buy any plastic" phase so we got this steel tree stand instead of a plastic one from Lowe's. I must admit, it's a bit too red for my taste, but the price was right and Misha threw in the "it's the same one I had as a kid" line, so we just had to get it.

Christmas tree stand from Lowe's

Our tree, tree stand, decorations and cards are all home now. Next weekend it's time to decorate.


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