Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Storm door or no storm door

I am not a big fan of storm doors. They get in the way when going in and out of the house and they tend to take away from the visual appeal of the entrance door. I always thought I would want to go with a "no storm door" option...... until we took our existing storm door off.

Since we don't have a storm door, I can definitely feel the difference in the air movement inside the house. Each time Misha enters the house and leaves the door open, even if for a few seconds, a cold breeze whooshes through the house.

Given that our house is small and we don't have an enclosed hallway, the cold air comes right into the living room, usually where I sit. It is not pleasant and it's not even winter yet. I realized that no storm door for our small house is not a good alternative.

So there we went, storm door shopping.

Our shopping experience was slightly more complicated than we originally thought.  Our door is not a standard sized door as it measures 82" X 34". We had no choice but to go with a custom storm door and pay the extra cost. We ordered a full-view Andersen 3000 Series storm door from Home Depot. I like it's low profile and that the glass can be replaced with a screen in the summer.

Our pick - Andersen 3000 Series full-view storm door

The order is in and our door should arrive in a couple of weeks. Misha volunteered to install it. Hope it won't give us a hard time.

What are your experiences with storm doors? Are you a fan?


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