Saturday, 13 April 2013

The Green Living Show and what we liked about it

Today I was thinking that our house is a mess and the builder is still working on our bathroom so why not get out of the house and check out The Green Living Show . I proposed this idea to Misha and as it was a cold and rainy day, he quickly agreed. We had never been to The Green Living Show and we thought we might get some green project ideas, so there we went.

When we got there we were surprised to see so many people. We could barely get through some of the aisles especially the food ones. We began tracking in Misha's military grid line system, to not miss any booths. We passed by tons of organic food booths giving away free samples.

We briefly considered purchasing a bamboo vegetable brush, but resisted. I am happy about that.

We tried out organic mattresses. We will visit Soma Organic Mattresses at their retail location as they also sell organic couches that I would consider for our living room.

Misha couldn't resist discussing the plans of the Eglinton Crosstown Light Rail Transit with a Metrolinx employee. He was pressing him on how likely it is that this project will happen.

We signed an Environmental Defence petition for mandatory ingredient labeling...

...and took a picture with Kevin, from Eco Building Resource. He is our go to person when it comes to green renovation advice and products.

We got briefly tempted by the solar panels. It is a great idea but still very costly.

We checked out the green areas of the Greater Toronto Area...

...and loved the steel roofs on display. We will definitely consider them once the time comes to replace our asphalt shingles.

 We couldn't leave without a gardening idea. Misha might give this slug trap product a try.

And last but not least, I have to mention this buckwheat pillow that Misha was so fascinated by. It is filled with buckwheat husks. I told him that I will make him a buckwheat pillow like this for his birthday. He doesn't believe me.

It was great to see so many people being interested in green living. Hopefully this event will grow each year. If you are in the Toronto area, check it out, it is still on tomorrow.


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