Sunday, 7 April 2013

Bathroom reno update - How we found a storage alternative

Storage space is an issue in our small bathroom.  While we don’t have many toiletries we still need some storage. Our new bathtub will be 3" larger than our old one so we have to give up on having a vanity and will be getting a pedestal sink. The only viable storage option left is a medicine cabinet. 

While they seem to be a thing of the past, I still find them quite charming. I like the ones with large wood trims and large mirrors. Getting one of these wood cabinets was my original idea but I quickly realized that it would look too bulky in our small space. 

We needed to look for a recessed cabinet to avoid adding bulk to the wall. We found a few options at Home Depot and Lowe’s; they were frameless with a more modern look like this Kohler one.

After sitting with the idea for a while, I started liking the thought of pairing up the modern frameless mirror with the more traditional subway tiles. I also thought two medicine cabinets would work better than one, as they would balance out our small space and would provide double storage. I know it’s unusual to have two, but I can see them working out.

To make sure the size and look of the cabinets would work well in our bathroom I did a small experiment; I used painter’s tape to create the exact sized mirrors that are on the medicine cabinets we picked out. It was easy to do as I only needed to tape over our existing mirror.

It worked well and we got a good idea of how they would look. Misha also bought into it and we are ready to move on to the last stage of our planning process; booking the contractors.


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