Monday, 14 October 2013

Lavender Wands

Last year at Weir's Lavender Farm Mia made a lavender wand.  She still has it and it still smells great.  To refresh the fragrance she just rolls it between her palms and it smells fresh as ever.

I thought I would try my hand and patience at making lavender wands.  I am more a big picture kinda person and minutiae can really paralyze and frustrate me.  After a few expletives and finding my lavender zen, I not only made one but four in total.

To start, I gathered 9 lavender flower stems, bundled them so the flowers were aligned then tied a ribbon at the base of the flowers.  I then bent the stems down and over the flowers.  Leave one end of the ribbon hanging down with the flowers.  It should hang down to the end of the stems once they are bent all the way down. You will use this later to wrap around the stem to make a handle.  The other end of the ribbon should be approximately 36" to weave around the lavender.

It's tricky to start the weaving but once you get 2 - 3 rows down it gets easier.

And here is my first effort.  A little messy but not bad.

Here are the next three I made beside the dried lavender.  Each one got better and was easier to make.

For more detailed instructions on how to make a lavender wand check out this site: . If I can follow the instructions, anyone can.


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